Compressor Oil

Using quality air compressor oil that is maintained regularly is the life blood of any type compressor. Poor quality air filtration or air compressor oil that is not changed regularly can dramatically cause compressor failures in many areas of the machine.

If you are not satisfied with your current oil, either with the quality of your oil or the price of your oil, you should consider giving Aftermarket Filtration Experts a call.

Whether you have an air compressor, refrigeration compressor, natural gas compressor, or vacuum pump application we have the perfect replacement compressor oil for every need. Give us that OEM part number or the type of oil your using and let us replace it with some of the best compressor oil manufactured today.

Products specifically engineered for each individual system while retraining key benefits such as a long fluid life

Thorough testing of raw materials and finished products to meet strict manufacturer specifications

Excel under the most demanding conditions such as extreme temperatures, pressures, speeds and loads

Perfectly match the complex requirements of your customers’ applications

As with all of our products, our extensive cross reference for compressor oil is second to none.

Contact Aftermarket Filtration Experts Company today for all of your compressor oil needs.